GROUPE PETRA is a private management firm boasting 30 years of active involvement within the real estate sector. We own office, commercial and industrial buildings within the Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto regions. Our comprehensive management of these buildings includes leasing, space layouts, construction and maintenance services.

Our growth and management style are based on strong core values: trust, thoroughness, professionalism and proximity.

Broadened through successive acquisitions, our real estate portfolio features a total of 10.2 million square feet under management. These properties draw their high value from their location, occupancy rates and quality construction. Many of our office buildings, mostly “Class A” offerings, benefit from a well-known brand image. Moreover, we select our commercial and industrial buildings based on their location, adaptability and accessibility, with the potential to be used for multiple functions.

Inspired by our long-term investment approach, we ensure that each of our assets benefits from preventive maintenance, continuous improvements and the marketing of its distinctive attributes. The commitment of our professionals and value of our investments are reflected through high occupancy rates and sustainable relationships with our tenants.