The quality of our tenants represents an added value for our buildings. Our tenants are mostly companies with varied needs based not only on their size, but also their requirements in terms of visibility and accessibility.

Fully aware of the importance of this decision to a given company, we are attentive to our clients and make sure to provide them with the best advice, so they may select a location that meets their immediate and future needs. We foster a close and fully transparent relationship with our tenants, which enables us to understand their specific requirements and optimize our response time to their evolving needs.

Indeed, many of our clients, such as major law firms, accounting firms and financial institutions, have occupied our properties for decades and been able to adapt their workplace configurations throughout their growth.

Our client list also features merchants who, through their presence, provide access to quality support services on many properties. Once again, our specialists help smoothly integrate these retailers in our buildings’ specific environment.